Cationic Infusion Technology™, a Beleza Pura trademark, is a state-of-the-art, highly technological, micro-sized, cationically (positively) charged complex of selected powerful ingredients indispensable for the health, brilliance and softness of the hair.

How Science Comes In

Hair science has discovered that damaged hair has negative magnetic charge. Since it is a scientific fact that opposite charges attract each other, hair cosmetic engineers focused their research on the development of positively charged ingredients to maximize adherence to the negatively charged damaged hair fiber. Not only must these ingredients have positive charge but also be tiny enough to penetrate deeply into the damaged areas of the hair shaft.

Our Cationic Infusion Technology™ blends not only these microscopic cationic particles obtained from high quality natural ingredients such as Argan oil, seaweeds, keratin, silk proteins but other essential minerals and vitamins the hair must be supplied with on a daily basis.

How Kerarganic® Comes In

The result of using our Kerarganic line of cationically infused micro-ingredients products on a daily basis is hair as it should be-healthy, shiny, soft, manageable and enviable!

KERARGANIC® - The New Generation in Hair Therapy

Because your hair deserves to be pampered.